The Ambassador Program is a High School Senior Representative program for the Laura Reed Photography studio. Unlike other Senior Model Representative programs, these Ambassadors are students who excel as leaders in their schools and community.

The Laura Reed Ambassador program is a very select group. The only way to be a part of this program is to be nominated by a current or former Ambassador. At the end of each school year, current Ambassadors introduce the incoming Ambassadors at our End-of-Year Party! 



Laura Reed Ambassadors are quite simply, extraordinary role models in the community. They are leaders in their schools and set high standards in academics. Many are athletes who compete on local, state, national, and international arenas. They’re passionate creatives bringing audiences to their feet with their chilling performances from the stage. They are servants in their local communities and abroad, making the world around them a better place for us. After graduating high school, they go on to attend prestigious universities such as Harvard, Princeton, UCLA, Cornell, Howard and Brown.

LRP Ambassadors are musicians, directors, cheerleaders, student council presidents, in addition to being considerate young adults who take time out of their day to have lunch with a Middle School student just because they had a bad week. I love them with everything I am because 


my ambassadors inspire me to be a better person!


Being a Laura Reed Ambassador is not just about having great Senior portraits taken. I'm very proud of our philanthropy component of giving back to the community by supporting the non-profit, Boneshaker Project. Each Ambassador brings in a Corporate Donation for Boneshaker Project and has opportunities to volunteer throughout the year with this amazing organization. We also host events such as stylized mini-shoots with local boutiques, a luncheon in January to thank Corporations who have donated to Boneshaker Project, and an end of year drawing for a Pre-Prom photo shoot. Ambassadors are exclusively featured in all marketing materials for Laura Reed Photography and their images are published online in a highlighted blog post. Last year we had our 1st Annual Shakin the Runway Fashion Show which was a huge hit in the community as well as our first ever College Scholarship that was awarded to the Ambassador of Year!


One of the most important things we do, is work as a team throughout the year to raise money for Boneshaker Project which is a local non-profit that is near and dear to my heart. Not only fundraising, but volunteering at Boneshaker events throughout the year has become almost a friendly competition with the Ambassadors! Boneshaker Project works in conjunction with local schools and community centers to encourage families to get out and get moving! Boneshaker does this through Austin schools, Austin Parks and Recreation and expert coaches and mentorships. Throughout the years the Ambassadors alone have raised almost 10,000.00 for Boneshaker Project!



As a high school senior photographer, I have had the opportunity to meet so many amazing young men and women. As my business grew, I loved the idea of having seniors represent my studio, however, I didn’t like the idea of Senior Models, I wanted something more substantial. I began to really listen to my Seniors during our Consultations  and I was deeply inspired. I realized how HARD they worked at what they had accomplished! Most of these Seniors were maintaining 4.0 averages, while being star athletes or musicians or performers, in addition to cumulating 100+ community service hours a year!

That's when it hit me ... THESE were the Seniors I wanted representing my business. not Models, but Role Models! I wanted to shine a bright light on these super stars and highlight them throughout the year while creating an environment that was cohesive and and fun for them. My goal for the LRP Ambassador program was to take Senior Portraits that they could be proud of as well as make a difference in our community. So, four years ago, I hand picked 11 Seniors, explained my concept and lucky for me, they were nice enough to come along for the ride!

This program has evolved into a wonderful photographic and philanthropic experience that it is today. We are constantly changing and updating our program based on research, their feedback, and my love and adoration for these young adults. I am honored that my Ambassadors are proudly putting this experience on their College Applications. 

This year I have my largest class of Ambassadors with 23 Rock Star Seniors from 5 different area High Schools. I had 65 nominations this year, but due to the fact that we are so much like a family, I kept the number small enough to be intimate and still have the added bonus of building relationships within the program. They don’t always start off knowing each other, yet after spending so much quality time with each other by the end of the year, we are truly a family. 

In my third year, I had an Ambassador just walk right into my house without knocking. He said, "Hey Mom? Are you here?" That was the biggest compliment ever! Not that he called me Mom, but that he was comfortable enough walking into my home without knocking. I love these kids!